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How To Recruit Amazon Affiliates

Recruit Amazon Affiliates

Are you an Amazon Seller looking to diversify your marketing spend and open up new revenue streams? We partnered with Threecolts to develop our latest ebook, “How to Recruit Amazon Affiliates,” to help you tap into the power of affiliate marketing and open a new marketing channel for Amazon.

Over 80% of D2C brands leverage affiliate marketing for growth, and with the rise of Amazon Affiliate Marketing Platforms like Levanta, you too can now utilize this channel to boost your sales.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn:

  1. The importance of affiliate recruitment for your Amazon storefront
  2. How to set up both inbound and outbound affiliate acquisition strategies
  3. Tips for recruiting social creators, influencers, bloggers, large publications, traditional affiliates, and media buyers
  4. Best practices for reaching out to potential affiliates and nurturing relationships
  5. Strategies for activating and retaining revenue-active affiliates

Whether you’re a seasoned Amazon Seller or just starting, this ebook is packed with valuable insights to help you scale your affiliate program and achieve success. To download your free copy, simply enter your details below, and you’ll be directed to a download link.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the potential of affiliate marketing for your Amazon business!

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