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Sellers: Maximizing Your Earnings on Prime Day 2024 with Levanta

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As Amazon Prime Day approaches, it’s essential to prepare your listings and strategies to maximize your success. Leveraging Levanta can be a game-changer, but there are specific best practices you should follow to ensure you get the most out of this significant sales event. Here’s how you can get ready and optimize your efforts for Prime Day.

1. Adjust Commissions on Specific ASINs

One crucial aspect to keep in mind is the commission structure for any ASINs involved in Prime Day deals. The Amazon Attribution API does not adjust pricing on Lightning deals, meaning commissions are paid on the full price of items, not the discounted price. Standard Prime Day Deals, however, will be reported correctly.

By lowering commissions on ASINs that are Lightning deals, you can ensure that you are not overpaying commissions based on full price rather than the discounted rate. Read more about how to manage your commissions here.

2. Load Deals into Levanta Early

To give creators ample time to generate content for your deals, it’s critical to load them into Levanta as soon as they are confirmed. The earlier your deals are loaded, the better your chances of securing coverage from creators. Early loading not only helps in planning but also increases the likelihood of your deals being featured prominently.

For detailed instructions on how to load your deals, learn more here. We’ve also created a video tutorial to guide you through this process

3. Monitor Outstanding Applications

Ensure that you check in on any outstanding applications within your Levanta dashboard. Reviewing and approving applications promptly will maximize your reach and coverage potential. This is especially important during Prime Day when competition for attention is fierce.

Diverse creator strategies are key to maximizing your impact. Discover more about the different types of creators on Levanta and why a diversified strategy is recommended here.

4. Engage with In-App Messages

Reading and responding to all in-app messages from creators is essential. Creators may request samples or need more information about your brand to feature your products effectively during Prime Day. Prompt and clear communication can significantly enhance your chances of being highlighted by top creators.

5. Set Up Increased Commissions for Top Creators

Consider setting up increased commissions for your top-performing creators to incentivize them further. Higher commissions can motivate creators to prioritize your products, leading to better coverage and higher sales.

To see how you can adjust commissions, follow this guide here.

Prime Day Historical Dates

Start by informing your affiliates of your Prime Day plans. Prime Day is scheduled for July 16-17, 2024, but here is a look back at previous dates::

  • Prime Day 2018: July 16 to 17
  • Prime Day 2019: July 15 to 16
  • Prime Day 2020: October 13 to 14
  • Prime Day 2021: June 21 to 22
  • Prime Day 2022: July 12 to 13
  • Prime Day 2023: July 11 to 12

Prime Day presents a massive opportunity for Amazon sellers on Levanta, and by following these best practices, you can maximize your reach and sales. Adjust your commissions, load your deals early, stay on top of applications, engage with creators actively, and incentivize your top performers. Leveraging Levanta effectively will help you stand out in the crowded marketplace and make the most of this shopping extravaganza.

Prepare early, stay engaged, and watch your sales soar this Prime Day!