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Announcing the Levanta API for Publishers

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We are excited to announce the launch of the Levanta API for Publishers, a pioneering solution that transforms the way affiliates partner with Amazon Sellers. The Levanta API enables a wide range of use cases and unlocks the ability to programmatically implement Levanta affiliate links across content, opening up an enormous revenue opportunity for large publishers to scale out direct partnerships with Amazon sellers.

In this post, we’ll dive deeper into the key features and benefits of our API, demonstrating how it empowers users to promote, track, and partner with Amazon brands more effectively.

Benefits of the Levanta API for Publishers

The Levanta API unlocks a host of advantages for publishers, affiliates, and creators, including:

  1. Streamlined Integration: Integrate your existing technology with Levanta, instantly opening up hundreds of thousands of promotional opportunities via direct partnerships with Amazon Sellers.
  2. Customizable Reporting: Get access to tailored performance reports, offering insights into clicks, conversions, estimated sales, and estimated commissions for each link. With this data, you can better understand and optimize your promotional strategies.
  3. Simplified Product Discovery: The API’s extensive filtering options make it easier than ever to discover relevant products from your partnered brands, streamlining your affiliate opportunity discovery process.
  4. Link Creation & Management: Unlock a host of uses cases with programmatic access to affiliate link creation and management.

Levanta API Key Features

  1. Active Brands Endpoint (/partners): Discover brand names and IDs with whom you have active partnerships. This feature allows you to easily navigate through your brand connections, ensuring you stay up to date with current collaborations.
  2. Product Catalog Endpoint (/products): Access the Levanta product catalog, sorting by title, commission, or price. The API enables you to filter by ASINs, brand IDs, access, minimum/maximum commission, and stock availability, streamlining your product search and selection process.
  3. Product and Link Reporting Endpoints (/reports): Stay informed on your link performance and product reports within a given date range, filtering by ASINs, sources, and brand IDs. This API functionality provides you with valuable insights into your marketing performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for optimizing your promotional efforts.
  4. Link Creation and Management Endpoints (/links): Easily create and manage your unique tracking links by ASIN/source pairs and filter by asin/source/adGroupId.

The launch of the Levanta API marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower publishers, affiliates, and creators to take full control of their commerce content monetization. With greater access to product catalogs, advanced reporting, and streamlined link management, affiliates can optimize their promotional strategies and build highly profitable relationships with Amazon Sellers. As we continue to expand our platform and explore new marketplaces, the Levanta API will play a crucial role in helping our users harness the full potential of our powerful affiliate marketing solution.

To request access to the API, reach out to us here to get started!