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How Acquco unlocked a new revenue stream with their Amazon affiliate program

Acquco Case Study

Rising above the crowd

In the world of e-commerce, Amazon reigns supreme. However, the platform’s ubiquity also brings formidable challenges for sellers, who must contend with immense competition, rising cost-per-click advertising, and limitations on improving organic search rankings. Among these sellers is Acquco, a forward-thinking aggregator of Amazon brands, that was on the lookout for new levers to overcome these challenges. Recognizing the need to supplement their marketing stack with a cost-effective and efficient revenue stream, Acquco partnered with Levanta, the leading Affiliate Marketing Platform for Amazon Sellers.

A new affiliate marketing landscape

Amazon Associates, although beneficial, is a black box to many Sellers, with no insight into the affiliates that are driving sales for their business. Unlike Amazon Associates, Levanta is a solution for Sellers to take their external traffic sources into their own hands and build direct partnerships with creators, affiliates, and publishers. As such, Acquco was able to unlock this new channel and start building their own partnerships on a pay-per-sale model.

Significant growth in just four months

Acquco’s partnership with Levanta produced quick results. In month 1, their sales sat at $1,500, but by month 4 they had ballooned to over $36,000 in monthly sales. They are growing at a rate that puts Acquco on track to add $1M in incremental annual sales in this first year. At the same time Acquco experienced a substantial increase in traffic to their Amazon products, with an influx of 35k new monthly clicks by month 4. A driving factor of this significant growth was Acquco’s strong partner recruitment strategy – which led to 130+ new partnerships. Better yet, many of Acquco’s top products saw a soaring boost in Best Seller Ranking. Their Amazon Affiliate Program was established – and growing fast.

”Levanta opens up a powerful Amazon marketing channel. We can invest in Creator partnerships at scale, while benefitting from the many incentives Amazon offers for External Traffic.”

John Berggren | Sr. Director of Marketing @ Acquco

Discovering new Creators

One of the standout Levanta features that Acquco leveraged was the Creator Marketplace. With Levanta’s two-sided marketplace, Acquco’s team was able to discover a wide range of new Creators to invite to their affiliate program. They also received plenty of inbound interest – Acquco frequently reviewed inbound Creator applications and approved those that were a good fit for their program. The Marketplace helped Acquco quickly acquire 130+ new Creator partners – and led to swift revenue growth.

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Quick workflow integration

Integrating was as simple as connecting their Amazon account to automatically sync Acquco’s Amazon products with Levanta. With easy-to-use reporting, Acquco could track Creator performance across products and brands. This brought an unprecedented level of control and insight into Acquco’s partner relationships, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and optimizations.

Payments made simple.

Acquco also addressed the often ignored yet critical aspects of affiliate marketing: payments & taxes. Levanta automates Creator commission payments each month. Acquco receives one monthly invoice for all Creators, and Levanta distributes the payments to the attributed affiliates, effectively removing the administrative headache for brands and publishers alike. Levanta also handles necessary 1099 tax reporting & filing.

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